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  • I specialize in assisting you with your personal transformation in clearing the charges and blockages that prevent you from articulating your message effectively. Through the Demartini Method you obtain greater clarity, vitality, certainty and poise. Your confidence increases and your presence becomes more powerful.



  • I interviewed several coaches to create a program for our academic advisors that included coaching principles to help us in our work with students. Lillian was the perfect fit because of her background in higher education, exceptional communication skills, and coaching knowledge. The Quality Coaching in Advising (QCA) program she created was so in depth, valuable, and organized that we are still using it as the foundation of our work two years later. The QCA program was even extended to other areas within the university. If you want a program customized for your business needs then save yourself some time in the vetting process and seek out her expertise right away. You will be impressed with the clarity and purpose she provides for your communication, coaching, leadership, and business needs!

    Tracy Austin, MBA, RCC

  • I was blessed to meet Lillian when I needed her skills the most, at a time when I needed to change my work environement and team members. During the first workshop of Lillian's that I attended, the subject of which was how to successfully control emotions in the workplace, Lillian helped me to truley have an astonishing breakthrough moment. Lillian helped me to better understand the actions and intentions of not only my coworkers but also of myself. I appreciate Lillian and her work so much, and I can not thank her enough for helping me, with just that short session of coaching, to reach such a positive place with my current work environment and team.

    Kristy Etling Financial Advisor, CRPC

  • Lillian is an exceptional presenter who quickly connects with her audience. She fosters a unique and creative learning environment which draws participants into the discussion. She provides relevant exercises connected with the discussion topics that teach the principles she presents. I rely on Lillian to deliver the quality instruction my program has a reputation for providing. Finally, her advocacy for personal development is evident in her credentials and in the way she helps people discover and build upon their strengths.

    Timothy A. Bailey Program Manager and Training Coordinator at The Ohio State University John Glenn School for Public Affairs